Recaust  Equipment

Off-Shelf and Custom Designed Solutions

McFarlen Engineering supplies Recaust equipment and parts to Pulp and Paper, Waste and Water Treatment, Mining, and Food Processing Industries. We offer off-shelf quality solutions and provide custom design services to achieve long term reliability and optimal performance.

  • ClearFlow McFarlen Branded Systems
  • Stabilization Tanks
  • Green Liqueur Clarifiers
  • Dregs Precoat Filters
  • Slakers
  • Caustisizers
  • White Liquor Clarifiers
  • Pressure Filters
  • Acid Washer Systems
  • Lime Mud Washers
  • Lime Mud Storage Agitators
  • Lime Mud Precoat Filters
  • recaust filter bottom
  • recaust filter lime mud
  • recaust equipment installed

65′ Diameter Green Liquor Clarifier, Drive and Internals

DBS drive units have a number of features which include an automatic fit mechanism for raising and lowering the rakes during high and low torque conditions.

Drives are equipped with accurate torque gauges and lift mechanisms with 4-20 mA transmitters to remote monitor the rake position remotely and ensure process optimization.

When it comes to Recaust equipment, we are your experts. Contact us anytime to increase the performance of your Recausticizing systems.