McFarlen Engineering supplies custom engineering parts that have been designed to deliver improved performance over Recausticizing equipment parts supplied by the original manufacturer.

Our mission is to supply our clients with products that will increase equipment lifespan and efficiency. Our Recausticizing equipment parts are high-quality and offer the best possible value.

In our inventory, we proudly offer GORE™ filtration elements and industry-leading pressure filter equipment, including filter socks and support tubes.

Our engineering parts are available to businesses throughout Canada and the United States. If you have questions about any of our parts, contact McFarlen Engineering today.

GORE™ Pressure Filter Elements

Standard socks, 4 ft, 5 ft, 6 ft and 7 ft long to fit all industrial pressure filter applications, or will manufacture to suit customers’ specifications.



Pressure Filter Support Tubes

Manufactured of stainless steel, or other materials to fit most industrial pressure filter applications, our pressure filter tubes are available in lengths of 4 ft, 5 ft and 6 ft or longer and can be made to suit customers’ specifications.


Polypropylene Pressure Filter Socks

Standard socks, 4 ft, 5 ft, 6 ft and 7 ft long to fit all industrial pressure filter applications, or will manufacture to suit customers’ specifications.


ODS Replacement Parts McFarlen Engineering LTD. is now capable of supplying drop in replacements parts for the ODS air driven pump. Parts include check valve balls, seats, bodies and face gaskets. McFarlen Engineering can offer parts in a wide range of materials and have many items in stock. Please contact us for more information.  

Check valve Balls

Pressure Filter Tube Plugs

Stainless Steel and Rubber pressure filter tube plugs to fit a variety of pressure filter applications.

Doctor Blades

Carbide tipped, aluminum oxide coated, stellite, or hardened steel doctor blades are available to suit all lime mud and dregs precoat filters. Blades may be manufactured to suit customers’ specifications.

Achieve longer life, higher average discharge solids and benefit from corresponding energy savings.

Slitters and blades for many other machinery applications are available upon request. Please inquire.


Drainage Grids

24” wide x 24” long of various thicknesses are available to suit customers’ specifications. Grids may be cut to size and notched to match customers’ T-strips.


Rotary Vacuum Drum Filter Fabrics

Fabrics are supplied in a variety of materials, weaves and sizes custom made to suit customers’ specifications.

Achieve higher dry solids than with standard recommended OEM fabrics.

These heavy-duty filter cloths have been designed specifically for modern precoat filters and have the following features:

  • Long life
  • High consistency discharge
  • Low filtrate solids
  • Excellent release characteristics
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Minimal blinding
  • Easy installation
  • Cost effective


Edge Tape

Provides extra protection on drum filter caulking groves.


Polypropylene Caulking Cord

Standard #10 and #12 size polypropylene sash cord. Other sizes also available.


Rubber Caulking Cord

Standard 3/8” and 7/16” size rubber caulking cord. Other sizes also available.


Wear Plates

Wear plates are available in a variety of sizes and materials to fit most lime mud and dregs precoat filters. For other drum or disc filter applications please inquire.


Disc Filter Covers

Various materials and weaves are available for most disc filter applications. Can be made to customers’ specifications including choice of closure.


Hot Knife

The Hot Knife reduces the chance of personal injury and damage to the cloth as it makes cutting and trimming synthetic filter fabrics much faster and easier and seals the edges to eliminate fraying. It can be used on synthetic ropes and other materials.


Mud Balance

The Mud Balance is a quick and easy way to determine mud density. Just fill the cup, attach the lid, place the cup and beam on the balance and read the density in one of four sets of units.



317 ELC stainless steel strapping with rounded edges 3/4” wide x 0.030” thick. Other popular widths and alloys are available.