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Recaust Reminder: Pressure Filter Operation

McFarlen Engineering Ltd. has prepared this “Recaust Reminder” to provide operational suggestions to its customers. Please contact us should you have any questions or require further information. Many kraft pulp mills in Canada and the USA operate white liquor and/or lime mud washing pressure filters. Filtration is accomplished by passing the liquid through filter socks that are […]

How are Dregs Impacting your Operation?

Dregs Carry Over Operational Trouble Shooting Dregs contamination can cause major operational impacts including; poor liquor quality, reduced lime availability, decreased causticizing efficiency, decreased filter-ability in pressure filters and drum filters, increased soda carry-over, increased corrosion to and deterioration of refractory brick lining in the lime kiln and increased total system dead load. In systems […]

Pressure Filter Operational Trouble Shooting

Pressure filtration is used to improve white liquor and weak wash quality in the recausticizing process. There are a few common problems that affect the performance of these filters. McFarlen Engineering has helped many mills “tune” there systems for best results. For additional information and tips to improve pressure filter operation please call our Vancouver […]

Pre-Shutdown Planning For Recaust/Kiln Area

To avoid rush charges and possible shutdown delays: it is important to check inventory and pre-order often overlooked items for the Recausticizing/Lime Kiln Plant White Liquor & Mud Washing Pressure Filters: Pressure Filter Support Tubes – Lead time: 10-12 weeks. GORE ® Filter Socks – Lead time: 4 to 6 weeks. Polypropylene Filter Socks – […]

Pre-Coat Drum Filter Operational Trouble Shooting

A 1% improvement in lime mud solids can save a mill $100,000 per year or more (basis 1,000 T of pulp/day). Reliable and continual operation of the lime mud pre-coat filter is crucial for efficient lime kiln operations.  McFarlen Engineering has compiled a list of common issues to double check when troubleshooting the operation of […]

McFarlen Engineering saves Kraft Pulp Mill from operational down time, improves pressure filter performance and reduces pressure filter operating cost

Attention: Mr. Jonn McFarlen, P. Eng. Reference: White Liquor Pressure Filter Performance – Gore- Tex™ Socks Dear Mr. McFarlen; Simpson Tacoma Kraft has been operating pressure filters in its recausticizing plant since 1991, utilizing heavy duty polypropylene filter socks supplied by McFarlen Engineering Ltd. for many of those years. Being pleased with the performance of […]