McFarlen Engineering saves Kraft Pulp Mill from operational down time, improves pressure filter performance and reduces pressure filter operating cost

Attention: Mr. Jonn McFarlen, P. Eng. Reference: White Liquor Pressure Filter Performance – Gore- Tex™ Socks Dear Mr. McFarlen; Simpson Tacoma Kraft has been operating pressure filters in its recausticizing plant since 1991, utilizing heavy duty polypropylene filter socks supplied by McFarlen Engineering Ltd. for many of those years. Being pleased with the performance of […]

Eurocan Pulp & Paper in Kitimat, BC, Canada

Green Liquor Clarifier #1 Performance Evaluation of McFarlen Engineering Ltd. ClearFlow™ Feedwell and Bustle Pipe Design Donna Hohertz – Process Specialist Introduction: Eurocan Pulp & Paper in Kitimat, BC operates two green liquor clarifiers. In late 2004 it was decided #1 green liquor clarifier needed to be replaced. During the construction phase the opportunity arose […]