New “SnapShot” Back Pulse Pressure Filter Media Support

“SnapShot” *, is a new and unique concept for filter media support designed to replace old standard pressure filter tubes. It is engineered to reduce maintenance and down time, improve pressure filter performance, extend sock life, and limit acid washing frequency. Over the years, pressure filter tubes have become larger, heavier and more cumbersome, making them difficult to remove, clean and reinstall. “SnapShot” * provides a significant number of features and benefits that promise to overcome the limitations of the past.

 Significant process performance improvements have been documented in mill trials, including; filter uptime, lower differential pressures, easier installation, and increased filter throughput. The reduction in acid washing frequency can provide a two-year return on investment for a set of “SnapShots” * on acid savings alone.  Other benefits such as reduction in maintenance time, production enhancements, and filter capacity improvements are additional bonuses.  

  • “SnapShot” * supports are engineered to allow filter media to “eject” mud particles from the filter media upon backwash.
    • Increased open area of the element support improves flow characteristics through the filter sock, reduces filter media fouling and increases throughput.
    • Cleaner media translates into lower differential pressures and fewer acid washes.
    • Sock “pleats” (the fold in the sock that is created when the filter is under pressure) are eliminated together with their associated point of failure.
    • Sock life is extended because of longer run time between acid washes, diminished buildup of acid insoluble compounds and pleat elimination.
  • Sock change time, a significant expense, is drastically reduced.
    • “SnapShot” * supports are easier to remove and install because contact with the filter media, inside the sock, is reduced by about 75%.
    • “SnapShot” * supports are 11% Lighter than regular pressure filter tubes, requiring less physical effort to remove them, reducing safety concerns related to muscle strain.
    • Cleaning is easier due to its open structure.
    • “SnapShot” * supports are effortless to install and literally drop into place.
    • Less damage occurs during maintenance reducing element replacement costs.
  • Tube Strength is maintained using the same flange and neck design as old models.
  • Tube plugs are compatible with “SnapShot” *
  • “SnapShot” * supports can be custom built to fit customer’s existing pressure filter to replace old tube designs one sector at a time or provide a complete pressure filter retro-fit.
  • “SnapShot”* supports are a significant cost-effective modernization for your Recausticizing system.

 Reduced maintenance time, improved pressure filter performance and limited down time is provided by easy element removal, rapid cleaning and effortless installation. Further, the “ballooning” action, pleat elimination and reduced acid wash frequency, extend sock life and drastically reduce operational costs.

For more information about new “SnapShot” * filter media supports for your pressure filters please contact McFarlen Engineering Ltd.

*  Patent Pending