Pier-Mounted Dual Concentric Drum Output Industrial Drive Units

The DBS Pier-Mounted dual concentric drum output drive unit represents state of the art in reliability and performance. Two independent drive units are stacked concentrically together to drive a rake mechanism and a turbine. The rake drive is a low-speed, high-torque, totally enclosed gear drive with positive output torque overload protection. The turbine drive is a heavy-duty, higher speed, totally enclosed gear drive. The specially designed final output precision bearings provide superior life and reliability in excess of 100 years. The forged alloy steel gears and pinions are designed for a minimum life of 20 years.

DBS Pier-Mounted dual concentric drum output drive units are typically used on solids contact and flocculating clarifiers or softeners. The drive unit is supported by a column in the center of the tank. DBS drive units are mounted on tanks that range from 40 to 300 feet (12 to 100 m) in diameter.