SnapShot Filter Media Supports – A New Approach to Tubular Pressure Filtration

“SnapShot” is a new and unique concept for filter media support, designed to replace old standard pressure filter tubes.
It is engineered to reduce maintenance and downtime, improve pressure filter performance, extend sock life, and limit acid
washing frequency. Over the years, pressure filter tubes have become longer, heavier and more cumbersome, making them
difficult to remove, clean and reinstall. “SnapShot” * provides a significant number of features and benefits that overcome
the limitations of the past.

Significant process performance improvements have been documented in mill trials, including; filter uptime, lower
differential pressures, easier installation, and increased filter throughput. The reduction in acid washing frequency
can provide a two-year return on investment for a set of “SnapShots” on acid savings alone. Other benefits such
as reduction in maintenance time, production enhancements, and filter capacity improvements are additional