As mills and equipment are pushed to increase production so is the desire to reduce operating cost. Many Recausticizing plants operate with a vacuum lime mud drum filter and lime Kiln. The reliable, low cost operation of this equipment is essential to the success of today’s Recaust and chemical plants. In the Recaust Kiln area the largest operating cost is the fuel required for the calcining reaction.

To help improve the energy efficiency and keep up with production targets, McFarlen Engineering has worked with innovated chemical partners to help improve the performance of the lime mud pre-coat filter by improving drainage properties of the system.

Product Information

The major driver of fuel consumption is the water content in the lime mud entering the Kiln. Reducing the water content in the lime mud is essential to lower operating costs. On average a 1% increase in lime mud solids, will eliminate $100,000 of fuel per year. This is based on a pulp mill producing 1000 metric tonnes of Kraft pulp per day.

FreeFlow-188 is a non-ionic drainage aid designed to improve and increase water removal during the filtering process. FreeFlow-188 is compatible with weak wash, white and green liquor. FreeFlow-188 is the ideal product for increased Kiln fuel savings, increased Kiln production, and improved Pre-coat filter performance.

FreeFlow-188 has been proven to effectively increase solids over the lime mud Pre-coat filter and does not foam above 100F.


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