McFarlen Engineering has collaborated with Southern Environment Inc. to provide environmental emission controls.

Founded in 1973, SEI has served the Power, Recovery, Refinery, Steel, and Cement markets heavily for much of these past 40 years. The SEI-Group is comprised of three operating units:  Southern Environmental, Inc., Southern Erectors, Inc. and Thermal Systems Group. These business units are integrated into a tightly knit group who self-perform vertically integrated Design and Erect Air Pollution Control Projects.

Operating throughout the Americas, SEI’s focus is on particulate and acid gas control. Design, manufacture and construction of Electrostatic Precipitators (ESP) and Fabric Filters with sorbent injection systems represents SEI’s core product lines. Over the past 10 years the EPA has continued its regulatory tightening of air pollution emission standards, and SEI’s design team has responded with the highest quality products in the marketplace to address these needs. Specifically, SEI’s S3 electrostatic precipitator design collects particulate and added sorbent loads with less specific collecting area than any other ESP available.


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