McFarlen Chemical Engineering Consultants
Exceed Your Expectations

McFarlen Engineering’s consultants have assisted hundreds of customers in Pulp and Paper, Waste and Water Treatment, Mining, and Food Processing industries. For over 32 years, we have used customer-specific engineering solutions to respond to our clients’ needs to fix, improve, and resolve process and equipment deficiencies.

Our Engineering
Consulting Services

We specialize in gravity and pressure filtration systems. We have helped hundreds of North American mills with engineering studies, training, equipment, filter media, and spare parts.

Our customers initially contact us for assistance with process and equipment troubleshooting. In most cases, we are not only able to resolve their issues quickly, but also implement permanent solutions. Utilizing our hands-on experience with filtration systems, we have developed effective engineering solutions and consulting methods, which allow us to resolve our customers’ process and equipment issues.

McFarlen Engineering
Consulting Services Include

  • Field Studies
  • 3D Fluid Dynamic Modeling
  • Solution Proposal Development
  • Start Up Supervision
  • Material Balance Modeling
  • Conceptual Engineering Studies
  • Pilot Plant Operations Supervision
  • Process and Layout Design and Modification
  • Major Equipment Specifications
  • Auxiliary Equipment and Instrumentation
  • Equipment and Parts Consultations and Supply

Off-Shelf and Custom
Designed Solutions

McFarlen Engineering supplies Recaust equipment and parts to Pulp and Paper, Waste and Water Treatment, Mining, and Food Processing Industries. We offer off-shelf quality solutions and provide custom design services to achieve long term reliability and optimal performance.

  • ClearFlow McFarlen Branded Systems
  • Stabilization Tanks
  • Green Liquor Clarifiers
  • White Liquor Clarifiers
  • Dregs Precoat Filters
  • Slakers
  • Caustisizers
  • Pressure Filters
  • Acid Washer Systems
  • Lime Mud Washers
  • Lime Mud Storage Agitators
  • Lime Mud Precoat Filters


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